We use significantly less time to secure our sea freight purchases Nørager, Denmark
Since AudioNord Distribution joined Seafreightindex, we use significantly less time to secure our sea freight purchases. Once a month I use to log on the index and check whether our partners follow the markets as agreed. At the same time we have decided to collaborate with our suppliers open minded and share our index figures with them. In return we expect our forwarders to follow the market accordingly.
Morten Nielsen Transportansvarlig, Audio Nord International A/S
Seafreightindex - a requirement for a cooperation Nibe, Denmark
For Heidi Rønne the index has become a natural part of the cooperation with the supplier of ocean freight and not at least a requirement for cooperation from Lene Bjerre Design. Heidi Rønne says: "We present Seafreightindex as an either or solution. If a possible supplier does not want to work with Seafreightindex, we are not interested in cooperating with them. For us the close cooperation is an important parameter - the index makes it easier to get an ongoing dialogue with the freight forwarder".
Heidi Rønne Madsen Shipping Manager, Lene Bjerre Design A/S - (A)
A true and fair view of the tendencies in the market Herning, Denmark

At Stof & Stil we had a strategy of using three different carrier suppliers before we started using the Seafreightindex.com. In this way we had a true and fair view and could keep a finger on the pulse in a sometimes turbulent and nontransparent market for sea freight rates.

Since we started using CostPartner’s Seafreightindex.com it is no longer necessary for us to have several carriers affiliated with Stof & Stil. We always have a true and fair view of the tendencies in the market concerning sea freight.

It is very easy for us to get a quick overview and see if our carrier follows the market trends or if it is necessary to have a talk. Using the index as a guidance to the rate development gives us a good feeling.

Whereas earlier we spent a lot of time looking into various special offers from several carriers, it is very quick and more true and fair to look at the index to see if our transporter is competitive.

Martin Bloch Logistik Manager, Stof & Stil A/S